Hometown Eats – Part 3

Hungry? Check out these local restaurants!

  • Hawthorn Grill – Comfort Food
    – 1222 E Stroop Rd, Kettering
    – Stop in for some “Comfort on a Plate”
  • Olive, An Urban Dive – Paleo, Vegan, Gluten free, and multi-allergy friendly.
    – 416 W Third Street, Dayton
    – The website recommends calling ahead for reservations
  • Jay’s Seafood
    – 225 E. Sixth Street, Dayton
    – The seafood is always fresh!
  • Coco’s Bistro
    – 250 Warren Street, Dayton
    – Reservations are not required, but recommended.
  • Fusian –Sushi
    – 1200 Brown Street Ste 125, Dayton
    – Make your own sushi!
  • Amber Rose – Eastern European Cuisine
    – 1400 Valley Street, Dayton
    – Try the cabbage rolls!

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