Local Business Spotlight: School of Advertising Art

Looking for a career in graphic design? The School of Advertising Art might be the school for you. Located in Kettering, this school has been cranking out successful graduates for nearly 30 years and is currently ranked among the Top 20 Graphic Design Colleges by Graphic Design USA Magazine.


Prestigious awards came from humble beginnings. Tim Potter, founder, realized that there just weren’t schools around here equipped to give a well-rounded education in Graphic Design. He started SAA small, with only 29 people starting the first class in 1984. On lunch breaks, he went to high school cafeterias and recruited students. The first class to graduate was in 1986.

President, Owner and Creative Director, Jessica Barry. (source: SAA)

What’s the appeal? According to the students, setting foot inside this well designed campus is enough to make the decision for you. The interior of the school immediately makes an impression.


If that isn’t enough, the whopping 93% job placement rate of graduates can change the minds of many parents and prospective students alike. There will be no starving artists from this school!

Second-year student Helen Owens showing her work to Sara.

We also observed one of Betsy’s Communications classes where they were conducting mock interviews to prepare their students. Afterward, we got to chat with the students and check out some of their different projects, ranging from logo redesigns, seasonal retail projects, rebranding, and limited edition packaging.

Hannah Isaacs (left) during her mock interview with Director of Communications, Betsy Woods.

We got a chance to sit down and talk to a few first-year and second-year students, and they were eager to share their projects with us. Here are a few:

Seasonal Retail Design for Eclipse Coffee and Tea in Kettering, by Neisha Hamm, a first-year student.

Logo Redesign for Krazy Katz Tattoo in Kettering, by first-year student, Zac Cobb.

Many thanks to Betsy Woods and Jessica Barry for being so kind and accommodating during our time at SAA!

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