Dayton and Ohio’s Supernatural Significances

It’s Spooky Season! In real estate, it’s all about “location location location”. Here in the Dayton area, we have plenty to add to our location:

  • Bellbrook is considered to be Ohio’s “Sleepy Hollow.”
  • Ohio is the 8th in the nation for UFO sightings, and Dayton is a significant city in UFO sightings.
  • Ohio is the 3rd in the nation for Bigfoot sightings.
  • Miamisburg holds the record for the most sightings of a ghost in one location.
  • Germantown is the “mecca for dogman sightings.”
  • Bellbrook is on the migratory path for Bigfoot.

Let us know if you have seen or experienced any of this! Sara is currently working on her next book, “Dayton Ghosts & Legends” and many of these stories will be in it!

Lower Miami Cemetery

The Lower Miami Cemetery is located in Jefferson Township on Germantown Street. Land for this cemetery was first sold to the Baptist Church of the Brethren by Eli and Samuel Noffsinger on January 28, 1846. Although formerly owned and operated by the Lower Miami Church, they are now only connected through name.

Originally called Holler Cemetery due to the first families buried there, it became Lower Miami Cemetery in the early 1900s. Many of the people buried there were connected through marriage and church.

Sara’s own personal connection to the cemetery is countless family members buried there. Her genealogy tree can match up with many of the tombstones in that cemetery.

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