Martin Gottlieb

Although from Dayton, Author Martin Gottlieb had initially only heard of Clement Vallandigham just a few times over many years. It wasn’t until he started paying attention to the name he felt surprised knowing that despite Vallandigham’s story, he wasn’t more well known. During his author talk for the book Lincoln’s Northern Nemesis, the War Opposition and Exile of Ohio’s Clement Vallandigham, it was clear Gottlieb lived and breathed this subject while writing.

His passion for Vallandigham’s life was clear as he spoke. During the question and answer session of his author talk, Gottlieb was asked why he thought Vallandigham wasn’t more well known in today’s world. His initial answer was simple, history is told by the victors. He expanded on this by surmising that perhaps Dayton would have wanted to disassociate itself with a man who:

  • Wanted to keep slavery as-is
  • Was known for being an adversary to Abraham Lincoln
  • Accidentally shot and killed himself while demonstrating how he thinks a man shot and killed himself
  • Gottlieb retired from the Dayton Daily News in 2011 and has spent the time since researching Vallandigham for his book. Not all the time since 2011 was spent on research and writing however, as Gottlieb said he is good at being retired. Martin has also written a book called Campaigns Don’t Count. How the Media Get American Politics All Wrong. Gottlieb’s books can be bought from Amazon (linked above) or by contacting him directly at

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