Olt Brewing Company

Charles J. Olt, along with his three brothers, Frederick, Edward, and Oscar and their father John incorporated the Olt Brewing Company (later the Olt Brothers Brewing Company) in 1907. Charles served as the president of Olt Brewing Company for many years. Olt Brewing operated from 1907 until 1942, even staying in operation during Prohibition by distilling water and distributing dairy products.

In 2018, Warped Wing Brewing Company released their Superba Hoppy Pils, honoring one of Olt Brewing’s flagship brews, Superba. The release party was attended by descendants of the Olt Brewing Company’s founders.

This poem, written in 1916, was dedicated to Charles J. Olt:

Charles J. Olt
He’s a maker of music and lager beer, too.
What a glorious mixture is this.
When his patrons are steeped in a soothing hop stew
His music will bathe them in bliss.
In Mood reminiscent they dreamily say,
When his hands on the ivories are laid
“That soul-moving harmony floating away
Recalls the way Rubenstein played.”
We know not the grade of the goods that he makes;
Let thirsty beer-drinkers decide;
But we know the most scrupulous caution he takes
With the finger of science to guide.
Charlie Olt is progressive, kind, honest and true,
And when he is put to the test,
In business or pleasure, we know he will do
The thing he believes to be best.
“Take wine for the stomach’s sake.” quoth good Saint Paul;
And yet it may seem rather queer,
Since hops help digestion, as well-known to all,
That Paul didn’t recommend beer.
The truth is Gambrinus had not taught the way
At that time malt liquors to brew,
And the Germans, wild, crude and uncouth in that day,
Were not of the recognized crew.
At first lager beer high in alcohol was,
But now the best makers agree
That the lower percentage of spirit it has
The better the product will be.
And it may be the brewers, when casting about
For improvements, will soon come to think
It were better to leave all the alcohol out,
Then even teetotalers will drink.

(Author Unknown)

10 thoughts on “Olt Brewing Company

  1. So cool to see this reference and tribute to Olt Brothers Brewing. Theodore Frederick Olt III. I believe Frederick Olt would have been my great grandfather.

  2. My great grandfather worked at the Olt Brewery starting at least by 1910, possibly earlier. I have a group photo of the employees and managers from 1910. The building, at the corner of McGee and E. 2nd, is still there.

  3. My husband’s father shares a memory of accompanying his grandfather walkimg to the Olt Brewing building with a bucket/growler, having it filled and then walking back home and watching his grandfather drink the beer 😊

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