Honor Flight Dayton

Honor Flight Dayton transports WWII, Korea Era, and Vietnam Era veterans to see their national memorials in Washington, DC. Priority is given to WWII vets and terminally ill vets from any war. Trips are offered via air or RVC (Recreational Vehicle Convoy) transportation at no cost to the veteran. This includes airfare, lodging, bus transportation while in DC, meals, t-shirts, and disposable cameras.

For the veterans who have passed away or are too sick to travel, Honor Flight Dayton also honors them through a program called Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes. Honor Flight Dayton will bring the veteran’s photo to the memorial for the war they fought in, photograph it alongside a folded flag, with the memorial in the background. After the trip, the family will receive an 8×10 color photo and a certificate from Honor Flight Dayton to honor the veteran. Sara’s father, a Vietnam Vet was honored last year.

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