Previous Floods in Dayton

Most Daytonians know about the big flood of 1913 in Dayton, but did you know that there were many others before?

Some of the major ones in Dayton History before 1913 were:

  • March 1805 – waters flooded Ludlow, Monument, and Main Streets. Following this flood, Daniel Cooper suggested moving the plats to what is now St. Anne’s Hill, the area being the nearest high ground from the river. Property owners refused to move unless they were compensated, so Cooper dropped the issue.
  • August 1814
  • January 1828
  • January 1847 – This was a big flood, the waters didn’t recede for four days. There was major property loss, with damages as far south as 5th Street.
  • September 1866 – most damaging to date
  • February 1883
  • May 1896
  • May 1898

When the 1913 flood hit, it was the 9th flood to hit Dayton since it was settled in 1796. The floods were averaging once every 13 years. The Vonderheide Act of 1914 and the Miami Conservancy District helped to prevent another occurrence.

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