“Black Magic” Threats

It wasn’t a normal day of business January 30, 2018 when Dayton police responded to “black magic” or “Voodoo” threats at Honeywell First Responder Products on Innovation Court.

Two workers at Honeywell found threatening notes on their desks. In total, five notes had been left around their work stations throughout that day, making statements and allegations about the male and female victims that they claimed were untrue. These were not the first threats, as both the male and female described receiving nasty text messages in April and September 2017, from an unknown number. The notes left around the workstation threatened to make the man sick, and that he should not waste his time consulting a doctor when it happens.

Additionally, salt was spread across the male’s desk, with crosses and faces imprinted in the salt. Two eggs had been left on the desk as well, with crosses drawn on them. Other employees have reported receiving threats via text or notes as well.

This case mirrors one from 1976 in Circleville, Ohio. A bus driver named Mary Gillespie started receiving threatening letters accusing her of having an affair with the superintendent of schools. Mary vehemently denied the accusation, but the letters continued and even escalated to the point of Mary’s life being at risk, her husband dying, and the wrong man being convicted of the letter writing.

Unsolved Mysteries aired an episode covering this case and right before it aired, they received a letter threatening them if they aired the case, stating:

Forget Circleville Ohio: If You Come to Ohio You El Sickos Will Pay.

Signed, The Circleville Writer

In both cases, there are no leads and the mystery remains.

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