Grant’s Construction Services, LLC

We recently had one of our followers reach out to us with the idea of featuring some local, home-grown businesses, and we just loved the idea! Thanks, Jared!

If you know of a local, home-grown business that you think should be featured by us, let us know via the Contact Us page! We would love to support local business in any way we can.

Today, we are featuring Grant’s Construction Services, LLC!

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and the history of Grant’s?

    I am 3rd generation contractor. My Grandpa started the construction business over 50 years ago. He worked at McCalls Printing during 3rd shift, and would come home and work construction during the day. My Dad took over Neeley Construction in the late 70s and is still running it today. 3 years ago in October, I decided to branch off into my own construction business as Grant’s Construction Service’s LLC (GCS).

    My grandpa (Tom Neeley) told us, “If you’re not going to do it right the first time, don’t do it at all.” That is the type of integrity I run my business with. We don’t cut corners and we try to give the customer more than what they expect.

    We do remodeling, stamp and regular concrete, excavating, carpentry, additions, building and post frame buildings.

  2. Are you originally from the Dayton area?
    Yes, I was born and raised in Dayton.
  3. What about the Dayton area made you decide to build a business here? (no pun intended)
    This is my home and I want to provide a service that is like no other and build a dependable reputation for my work and talent.
  4. Do you have any interesting or funny stories from working in your construction?

    This past year we installed 750 square feet of wood plank tile in a house. I had never worked with this specific type of tile before and I was surprised it could bend just like a piece of wood. So, in front of the customers I demonstrated how much this 3 ft. long piece of tile would flex by putting it on my head and pulling down on either side – it shattered! I was pretty embarrassed but they had a good laugh about it.

  5. We’ve noticed your strong presence on Instagram – what inspired you to focus on that venue of advertising? (check out Grant’s Instagram here)

    1. I have enjoyed following a couple well-known companies from across the US on social media and they inspired me to start sharing my work and experiences.
    2. I see Instagram as a powerful, yet simple tool to get my name and business out for people to enjoy, experience and to contact me for their own projects.

  6. Thanks so much to Grant for answering all of our questions!

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