Trains & Trolleys

The first street car line in Dayton was built by the Dayton Street Railway Company, which was chartered in 1869 with John V. Kreidler as the first superintendent.The line extended from the land of W.P. Huffman on East Third Street, to the land of H.S. Williams on West Third Street. One hour and 20 minutes was required to make the round trip from Western Avenue to Findlay Street.

DSR Trolley Train

Dayton Unknown’s Founder, Sara Kaushal, actually has a personal connection to the history of Trolleys and Trains in Dayton. Her very own great-great-grandfather, George Newton Miller and great-grandfather Charles Osro Miller were both conductors for the Dayton Street Railway Company. In fact, Sara’s great-grandfather Charles met Sara’s great-grandmother Bertha while he was a conductor and she was a passenger.

Far Left: George Newton Miller, Second from Left: Charles Osro Miller

Charles and Bertha Miller

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