Welcome to Dayton Unknown!


Have you ever wondered about the history of Dayton, Ohio? Or how Dayton got its name, or why Dayton is called the Gem City? Do you know who Dorothy Lane is named after?

Often I talk to people that have lived in the Dayton area for years, and they are surprised to learn the things I know about this area. I’ve lived here my whole life, and have driven down these streets without ever questioning who Ludlow or Wilkinson are. Dayton Unknown is here to answer the questions you’ve never asked, and some you have.

Come along as we explore Dayton’s Unknown!



As we said, Dayton Unknown is a place to find answers to the questions you never thought to ask. If you think of any to ask us, head on over to the Submit a Question page!

Or do you feel the need to explore Dayton, but it’s late? Check out our list of Night Owl Perches for our list of 24-hour places in Dayton.

Feel like giving back? We’ve compiled a list of volunteering opportunities throughout the Dayton area.

Also, on our Local Events page, we’ve linked to several resources and venues for upcoming events.

Unfamiliar with Dayton’s claims to fame? Check out the list of notable people from Dayton that we’ve compiled.



As stated in our “Who’s Behind Dayton Unknown” section on the left (check it out!), the posts and content will be written and managed by Sara McDaniel. Photography, design and layout are managed by Bethany Kmeid, the creator of Dayting Disasters. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the Submit a Question page!

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