Dayton’s Mummy

Did you know Dayton has a mummy in residence?

Daytonian Joseph Morton Howell was born on a farm in 1863. He had a prosperous career in medicine specializing in childhood diseases. His interest in Egyptology led to Dayton getting its own mummy in 1926. Howell gifted the mummy of Nesiur (pronounced Nessy-ur) to the Dayton Society of Natural History, who displayed Nesiur in the Dayton Museum of Natural History (predecessor of Boonshoft Museum of Discovery).


Source: Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Nesiur was excavated by famous Egyptologist Herbert Winlock in 1922. She was originally buried in a cemetery west of Thebes. She was 5 foot 1 inches, and died between the ages of 18-22. Her cause of death is unknown and there are no artifacts or jewelry inside her wrappings, suggesting she was a commoner.

Hieroglyphs on her coffin are a prayer that reads “May the King give an offering to Osiris, the great god, lord of Abydos, that he may give provisions and food to Nesiur.”

Note: Most of this information is from wall displays at Boonshoft.

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