Missing Pets

 Warm weather is finally here! Unfortunately, that also means a higher risk of pets lost or missing. Statistics are all over the place (depending on the source) regarding how many go missing each year and howany are found. The percentage found ranges from 65 to 90%.How can you reduce the chances of losing your pet in the first place? 

  1. Keep your pet indoors unless leashed or secured in a fenced area. Cats are better off as indoor pets anyway. Their outdoor life expectancy only goes to about 5 years, while indoor cats are expected to live up to 20.
  2. Don’t “trust” your pet. Many times, reports of missing animals comes from someone who let them out to use the bathroom in an unsecured yard and the dog ran off. Even a well trained pup could become distracted or scared and ignore commands.
  3. Provide identification for your pet. Have them microchipped and give them a collar with contact information. This can save precious time if someone finds them. There is also a collar called Fi that has GPS tracking available.
  4. Spay/neuter your pet. Studies have shown pets are less likely to run off if they’ve been “fixed”.
  5. Be proactive. There are certain situations that may cause your pet to be scared, like thunderstorms or fireworks. The highest number of pets are lost between July 3 and 5. Take preventive actions to keep them in a secure location. 
  6. If you have a fenced in yard, check for holes. Many pets like to dig or pull at open areas in or around fences.

If you lose your pet, here are some tricks to get them back:

  • Leave an article of clothing or a blanket with your scent outside. You may find them there, attracted to your scent.
  • Alert neighbors and local businesses. Make posters, Facebook posts, send out texts, etc. The more people who see your pup’s face, the better.
  • Alert the local animal shelters within a large radius. Animals tend to wander, and people may find your pet and take them to the nearest shelter, or the nearest shelter to their home. This means your pup may travel quite a distance outside what you would expect.
  • Alert anyone you know who has social media coverage. Anyone who can share on their page or help you spread the word will help!
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