T.J.’s Place of Hope

On Franklin Street in Centerville, you will find T.J.’s Place of Hope. This non-profit organization is 100% funded by donations, and is a place for teens and young adults to gather and discuss recovery from addiction and other destructive behaviors and habits.

T.J.’s Place of hope was founded shortly after 18-year-old T.J. Whitehead tragically took his own life in November 2005, after battling addiction throughout his teen years. T.J.’s Place of Hope was created as a safe place for teens and young adults (ages 12-25) to share their stories of addiction with peers – a place T.J. would have looked for during his own struggles.

T.J.’s Place of Hope offers several different ways to help teens, young adults, and their parents:

  • gathering place for teens and young adults with similar struggles
  • weekly meetings
  • peer encouragement and re-enforcement
  • discussions to identify choices, life skills, and how to build supportive relationships
  • financial assistance for healthy alternatives
  • resources for youth (and their families) for education and treatment
  • a safe, confidential, and nurturing environment that encourages recovery

In March 2006, a tree was planted in memory of T.J. at the Arbors of Milford nursing home where T.J. worked.

If you or someone you know is between the ages of 12-25 and struggling with addiction or other destructive behaviors, please reach out to T.J.’s Place of Hope.

T.J.’s Place of Hope
85 East Franklin Street
Centerville, OH 45459

If you would like to volunteer or donate to T.J.’s Place of Hope, please click here.

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